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The proprietary technology used in the L1Xsolution eliminates the deficiencies and limitations of "DLE" technology, reverse osmosis (RO) and micro-filtration technology. 

Our Mission

Clean Sourced Lithium

We invented the "Clean Sourced Lithium™" process with the guidance and experience of the world's leading nano-industry PhD's, right here in Canada.

Our Mission
Our mission is to contribute to a more sustainable future by redefining the landscape of lithium mining and processing, setting new benchmarks for environmental responsibility and innovation in the industry.

What Makes L1X Unique

Our L1X Lithium™ facilities consume ZERO external water, are fully contained which eliminates any air, ground or water pollution.

We capture 98%+ of the lithium from the source feedstock and other elements for even greater site-resource efficiency.


We deliver a NET POSITIVE water output process, to ensure geological stability and sustainability.

Our Vision


L1X hopes to see all electric vehicle batteries produced only with clean sourced lithium aligning clean consumer choices with clean mining standards. Globally. 

Electric Car
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