The L1X Lithium™ System is a combination of Vacuum Membrane Distillation (VMD) pervaporation technology using our proprietary Multibore Hollow Fiber (MBF) membranes, to purify and convert lithium based brines (or brackish water, to the desired saturation levels or to the crystallized state for less than $100 per tonne.

  • The L1X Lithium System is fully contained

  • RO reaches its natural limits at 50,000 PPM (5%), the L1X Lithium System efficiently processes brine through to saturation (300,000 PPM to 400,000 PPM) or right to crystallization for less than $100 per tonne.

  • Zero-Loss-Process - 100% of the available lithium is captured and processed 

  • Expedites production day-one for fast return on investment

  • Nano extraction optimized process delivering Lithium Chloride, Carbonate or Hydroxide 

  • Lower OpEx and CapEx than traditional methods

  • Eliminates operational land, water and air pollution risk 

  • Full water recovery removes the need for accessing local water

  • Almost eliminates the balance sheet site-risk liability cost.

Custom Engineered to meet your needs: we can design systems to process brine or brackish water as small as 1000 M3 per day or provide a full extraction facility at 72,000+ M3 per day.

For existing mining operations, our system can be "inserted" into the production flow to dramatically decrease your time to market to expedite the concentration of any pond stage to saturation or full crystallization.  The L1X Lithium system reduces the need for expensive re-agents and our fully contained design, eliminates the contamination risk. 

This is a fully contained, continuous feed process; you do not have to wait 18-36 months to capture revenue or be subject to weather conditions or environmental constraints - you are generating revenue within DAYS and every day going forward.