"What used to take years,
can now be delivered in just days."

The L1X Lithium™ system process measures brine output /continuous flow in 1000M3+ of brine per HOUR, regardless of concentration levels (e.g. 72,000M3 per day). We are fully commercialized and scalable. 

Production Output: Lower your OpEx as productions begins on day ONE, and a lower CapEx compared to existing designs.  Your time to market is immediate.  No need to wait months or years, to capitalize on your investment. A better bottom for your company. 

Material Output: Crystallized concentrate of any desired elements throughout the process as well as concentration of lithium brine to your desired concentration for maximum and efficient processing. We can custom design a module to work within your existing evaporation pond process to increase efficiency, time to market and revenue.  

Full Water Recovery:100% Pure Distilled Water.  This water can be sold commercially or re-injected into the solar if required. NO LOCAL WATER NEEDED.

The Result: Faster output, no pollution & water production  = Clean-Sourced Lithium for today's clean energy needs. 

A Clean Process: Contained and controlled system

A Profitable Process: Efficient & Sustainable

Pure - Clean - Efficient


L1X™ is a clean-technology system delivering proven performance and increased profits, while contributing to a healthier planet, making environmental risk, a thing of the past.

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