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Welcome to the future of lithium mining.


First in Clean Sourced Lithium


Lithium ONE Environmental Inc. (L1X Corp) is proud to be the first lithium mining company able to produce and deliver Clean Sourced Lithium™. Our approach to mining is via joint venture or PPP (public-private-partnership). We have removed the investment-technology risk.  Together, we can meet the rising global demand for clean sourced lithium


L1X utilizes a clean and sustainable lithium mining solution. Our proprietary nano technology system efficiently processes lithium brine with ZERO external water consumption for battery grade output.

Our fully contained system means no evaporation ponds and no pollution. Our commercialized facility design delivers an efficient and a complete path for lithium production for both lithium brine and clay. 

24 TRILLION Liters of fresh water was used to produce the lithium needed for electric vehicle batteries in 2021 alone! 

L1X uses ZERO.

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Let's work together for a better tomorrow.

"As consumers make the ethical switch to clean energy products such as electric vehicles, the respective governments should also work to enforce environmental and social governance (ESG) standards and polices for the clean extraction and processing of lithium."

~ David J Stevenson, Founder and CEO ~

At L1X Corp our systems make environmental risk a relic of the past.

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Clean Sourced Lithium (tm)


"This is the company that will forever change
the lithium mining industry."

The L1X™ lithium production system consumes ZERO external water in our operations - from pump to battery grade output - we are a turn-key lithium mining solution partner.  The technology is fully commercialized and scalable. A small facility would output 10,000 tons per annum (LCE) and a medium facility, 30,000 tpa.

Production Output: productions begins on day ONE! Our fully contained system has a lower OpEx, and a lower CapEx compared to existing designs.  Your time to market is immediate.  No need to wait months or years, to capitalize on your investment. A better bottom line for your company. 

Advanced Nano-Tech: our optimized direct lithium extraction (DLE) process through to efficient production is only possible as a result of our team's 25 year history in extraction technology.  Our proprietary nano-separation and our nano-extraction technology (L1X™) is what allows us to rapidly and efficiently concentrate the eluate to saturation (aka production) - well beyond the limits of RO (reverse osmosis) and other micro/nano filtration technology.

Essentially, Nano "EXTRACTION" starts, where nano "FILTRATION" ends.  

Material Output: Our advanced clean-tech system was designed for maximum and efficient integrated processing delivering battery-grade lithium chloride, lithium carbonate or lithium hydroxide. We can partner with you today, to dramatically increase your current efficiency rate, time to market and revenue while passing all ESG requirements. 

Zero-Loss Process/ ZERO External Water Consumption: Pure Distilled Water output means that ZERO lithium escapes our fully contained process. 98%+ of lithium captured from source means we are doubling traditional production output.  The pure water bi-product can be re-used, sold commercially or re-injected into the salar if required. NO EXTERNAL WATER CONSUMPTION REQUIRED.

The Result: Faster output, lower cost, no pollution & no external water needed = Sustainable and Clean-Sourced Lithium™ for today's clean energy needs. 

A Canadian Clean-Tech Process: Fully contained for zero loss and no pollution
Fully ESG Compliant

A Profitable Process: Faster to market, lower costs and greater efficiencies

 Clean - Efficient - Sustainable

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