FIRST in Nano Extraction Technology

Invented here in Canada with over 120 installations around the world using our proprietary technology, our nano extraction solutions are field tested, proving our impact is global...and we are just getting started.  

Some examples are:

  • lithium brine extraction and processing (Li Chloride, Hydroxide or Carbonate)

  • desalination add-on tech to RO systems for maximum efficiencies and no damage to the costal water ecology as we eliminate the RO reject water.

  • industrial /toxic waste water management

  • bio-fuel production (bio-diesel and ethanol from bio mass or garbage)

  • VOC's, carbon capture

  • recycled plastics conversion into oil

  • treating oil field brackish water for re-injection and mineral extraction

  • eliminate tailing ponds from mining operations

  • recycling used acids / full solvent recovery

  • pulp and paper treatment

  • textile waste water processing

  • printing presses solvent recovery and recycling 


NANO EXTRACTION allows us to isolate and efficiently extract  what we want from:

  • salars 

  • brines 

  • reservoirs 

  • tailing ponds 

  • and industrial/mining waste water


WITH the added benefit of FULL WATER RECOVERY /pure distilled water output.

Step 1: nano filtration and removal of all organic and any non-contaminated material

  (Send to bio-fuel system if appropriate) 

Step 2: staged concentration systems isolate and efficiently extract the required element(s) or toxic waste, while the end-discharge is PURE distilled water.

**This stage also works with azeotropes for solvent and acid recovery

Step 3: Re-use/ inject or sell the captured elements, minerals or solvents as well as the pure distilled water from all aqueous based feedstock. 

The L1X Nano-tech Solution: evaporation or expensive thermal energy applications are not required.  Operating under a vacuum, and at 70.C our OpEx is low and our uptime is exceptional.